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#PhilipsLighting hopes this year to be the harbinger of cheer, smiles, and prosperity. Happy #BohagBihu, from us to… #PhilipsLighting #BohagBihu

Posted on : 15 Apr 2021
Hope this season brings endless joy and prosperity your way. Philipslighting wishes all of you a HappyBaisakhi https t

Hope this season brings endless joy and prosperity your way. #Philipslighting wishes all of you a #HappyBaisakhi! #Philipslighting #HappyBaisakhi

Posted on : 13 Apr 2021

This Holi, along with colors, brings safety and happiness to your lives with the Philips UV-C range of products.…

Posted on : 29 Mar 2021

May you dance to the tunes of success, and may light be with you, this season. #PoilaBaishakh #Philipslighting… #PoilaBaishakh #Philipslighting

Posted on : 15 Apr 2021

Choosing a colour for your room's lighting has never been easier! With Philips Hue Bluetooth App control, you have…

Posted on : 09 Apr 2021

Holi feels truly happy when you have 1.6 crore colours to play with! This Holi, colour all you want with Philips Sm…

Posted on : 29 Mar 2021

With the onset of a new season, let's celebrate new hopes and ignited spirits. Wishing you a Happy #Vishu!… #Vishu

Posted on : 14 Apr 2021

Light it up as per your needs, with these luminaries! Introducing India's first tailor-made 3D printed luminaries,…

Posted on : 07 Apr 2021

Your one-hour matters! This #EarthHour, let's dedicate an hour to our better future by turning off the lights from… #EarthHour

Posted on : 27 Mar 2021


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